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RIR is a supportive music mental health seminar that equips you with increased coping skills to navigate and ground yourself. Created by a music psychotherapist and percussionist, RIR uses music and rhythm to create a more positive relationship between your mood, thoughts and behaviours in an interactive online group environment.


About this COVID-19 supportive mental health seminar

Relate in Rhythm (RIR)

As a mental health provider for over 15 years, my spidy senses are on overload. I am a music psychotherapist and percussionist, and I have created an online music mental health seminar - ‘Relate in Rhythm’ (RIR). RIR was first and foremost created to provide mental health assistance, immediately and until we can safely agree that we are on the other side of this.

RIR is designed for three streams of people living anywhere in the world; 

  • front-line workers (anyone still required to work);

  • social distancing/isolating (staying home) and; 

  • company employees/organizations (working remotely, lack of meaningful social connection and potential decreased motivation


Music, which has always united us as a society in challenging times, can bring the missing deeper connectedness that leads to renewed confidence and motivation, the advantage above any other non-music online seminar.  Each intervention offered within a RIR seminar is evidence-based and chosen for its effectiveness and efficacy as found in current music therapy research.   


RIR seminars are being offered for only $15 per person. There are six participants per group. 

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