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Amy Di Nino, Creator of RIR

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Relate in Rhythm was created as a response and mental health support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We can all relate to the current universal feeling of being out of sync.


Almost nothing in our current lives is stable. And yet, the simplicity of music, remains. We trust music. We know it will still be there for us, and that we can get whatever we might need from it. We all have a long-standing relationship with music. From childhood, through teen years and into our adult life, up until the present moment, so many memorable moments have been marked with just the right music. Just the right music for you. 

Why Rhythm? Why now?

Rhythm is the energizer and organizer of music

Rhythm is also the energizer and organizer of the inner body

Amy Di Nino RP, MA, MTA, ARCT, NMT

Trevor Dalton, music therapist

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Trevor received his Honours Bachelor of Arts in Music Therapy from Wilfrid Laurier in 2019 and completed his internship with ADD Music Wellness. He gained experience working in palliative care, adult mental health, with office staff and with the deaf-blind population. He continues to provide music therapy with each population while carrying out receptive-music therapy research at the Juravinski Cancer Centre with ADD Music Wellness.

Trevor uses an integrative, humanistic approach focusing on client-preferred and resource-oriented music therapy. He focuses on helping people realize the emotional bond we have with music and how we can use it to empower us and achieve emotional goals. Trevor is also currently studying his Master’s in counselling psychology through Yorkville University.

In his free time, Trevor enjoys figure skating, teaching piano, and playing the oboe. Music has been a major part of his life since he was young, and he is always searching for ways to grow musically in his work and personal life.


















Junie Baek RP(Q), MTA, MMT, MT-BC

Junie Baek is a classically-trained singer and pianist who has earned a Master degree in Music Therapy from Wilfrid Laurier University and a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts with Specialized Honours in Classical Voice Performance from York University.


Junie’s clinical experience includes supporting individuals with cancer, recovering from brain injury, at long term care homes, anxiety and depression, and with neurologic and developmental disorders.

She believes that people need unconditional genuineness, empathy, and acceptance in support of reaching their therapeutic goals.

Outside of being a music therapist, Junie likes to do pilates, and go on nature walks, even in winter!

Kimberly Allred  RP(Q), MTA, NMT, MMT, MT-BC


Kimberly obtained a Masters of Music Therapy from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2018 and is working towards becoming a Registered Psychotherapist. She has completed additional training in Neurologic Music Therapy, The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery in Music (Level 1), as well as Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for individuals and groups (Level 1). Kimberly currently works at Victoria Children’s Hospital (London, ON) in Paediatric General Medicine, Paediatric Oncology and Child and Adolescent Mental Health. In addition, Kimberly works for Connecting in Rhythm at a Long-Term Care home in Aylmer, ON. While attending school Kimberly completed her internships at Spruce Lodge Long-Term care and Merrymount Family and Children’s Crisis Center. In the past, Kimberly has worked with other organizations including KidsAbility (Kitchener) as well as  private clients in the greater London area with various diagnoses including developmental and cognitive delays, brain injury and end-of-life care.

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